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Authors & publishers

A warm welcome to pioneering authors & publishers

A new generation of authors & publishers is on the rise. They connect with their readers through blogs, Twitter and self-publishing platforms. If you're one of these authors or publishers, consider adding an openmargin to your work. openmargin is a new platform that unites your book and your community.

  • Growth

    By adding notes, readers continuously add value to the original book. Books will stay fresh over time and older books can liven up.

  • Connection

    As an author or publisher, you're the host of the openmargin. From this position you're able to connect directly with your most loyal and active followers.

  • Spreading

    The webplatform enables readers to share their notes. They will weave your book into the fabrics of the social web. Your fans are your best promotors.

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Let us redefine the book

Freedom of choice

An ebook can be read on a variety of different platforms; iPad, Kindle, Android. All of these platforms attract a different kind of reader. And you, as a developer, are providing these specific services to them. We think people should be able to choose the software that suits them, because freedom of choice is important. This is the reason we're not exclusive, instead we want to collaborate.


We want to focus on the dialogue in the margin. We think a dialogue gets more interesting when people from different backgrounds are involved. Different backgrounds means different platforms. This is another reason why we're not making *openmargin exclusive. In the end, we don't want to get the people to our platform, we want to bring our platform to them. So we want to collaborate with you guys, to make it widespread.

Future of the book

By adding *openmargin to your software, you connect the books to an online dialogue. While you provide the reading experience in the center, we provide the reader with interactive possibilities on the side. Together we can contribute to the future of the book. Be sure to fill out this form to indicate your interest.

Contact us

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We're a startup based in the Netherlands with the wish to connect people through books. To make this happen, we're creating the path of the least resistance between your mind and the openmargin.

If you want to co-create together, give critical feedback or show your gratitude; send us an email.

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